4BHK Sample flat Project, by Spaces11

Living Area

The clean lines throughout this living room make it feel relaxed just by looking at it. The burnt orange hued arm chair along with 3 tiered pouffe bring in some contrast with their rounded shape and varying heights, creating their own statement. The designer clad the walls flanking the sofa in soft pearl texture, but punched it up with thought-provoking art and a bit of colour blocking. The sheer linen drapes engender a soft, filtered glow. Varied seating style along with the throw cushions, florals, accent seating and touches of wood in a warm neutral palette keep it feeling coherent, uncluttered, and ready for entertaining.

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Book shelf

Stylish storage like a handmade gold-finished bookcase with elegantly organised books, artistic collectibles and sculptures blends well with both modern and transitional styles. A collection of objects d’art creates a miniature gallery any guest would love to peruse.

An oversized print of the famous Mona Lisa immediately locks eyes with the viewer and utilises a cool Renaissance-meets-contemporary style. The painting is extended into the material space through Rich wine-coloured lounge chairs and a coffee table which gives it a cohesive look.

Dining Area

The rich and magnificent chandelier, as well as the one-of-a-kind wall mirror art, gives the design a classic feel. The mirrors complement the chandelier well, adding depth to the dining experience.

The large windows allow natural light to flood the dining room. The monotone dining chairs and draperies highlight textures such as marble table top and glossy floor tiles. The marble table top is adorned with various flowers and dinnerware pieces, giving it an affluent appearance.

Master bedroom

The aim was not to radically transform the space, but to ensure that all aspects were in harmony, Which is done in soft pastel tones.

In constant conversation with natural light, the textured walls speak volumes of its richness.

The overall gist of the space looks to be consistent, with vibrant pops of paintings on one wall juxtaposed with the black and white painting. The corners of the master bedroom are accented with a handcrafted twisted side table with brown tinted mirror as backdrop & a visual comfort hanging light.

The room is designed to be both functional and pleasing to the eye, with a contemporary glass wardrobe that holds a graceful, symmetric silhouette composed of clean lines & a study desk.

Grandparent’s Room

The bedroom is accessed by a passage that features a stunning cane mirror that is both distinctive and appealing.

The bedroom features a handwoven cane headboard that along with the delicate floral drapes, provides tactile depth to the décor making it a statement piece. The other side of the bedroom is dominated by handcrafted cane wardrobe in a livid tone. Natural light keeps the space feeling bright, while the slate blue shade on the walls achieve the calming effect. Majority of the decorative items and furnishings, such as the rocking armchair, evoke the sense of a grandparents' room, radiating a homely feel. The floral pillows offer a pop of colour & Cane lights infuse a touch of art, all thanks to its handcrafted prowess. The rich, livid tones of the paint, cane headboard and the Olive green throw urge you to plop down with a book or settle in for a nap.

It’s the slate blue colour that pulls the furniture together, so the space looks unified and feels enchanting.

Kid’s Bedroom

The bedroom entrance features a gorgeous striped lady picture that is both elegant and intriguing.

Once you enter the room, attention is drawn to the bed, upholstered in a bold emerald green velvet fabric which adds an untamed elegance. The furnishings are modern & stylish, satin bed linen, sumptuous throws, pillows and rugs – all set under a canopy of soft lighting.

The royal, rust-coloured velvet lounge chair with transparent black tinted glass closets elevates the bedroom look.

The sunshine strikes on the soft ivory textured wall, changing the tone of the bedroom.

Study Room

The room's design is characterised by deep black tones, vintage furniture and a crystal chandelier.

Each piece of furniture was created just for this space. The solid & sturdy vintage cabinet in a phantom black lacquered finish with sophisticated brass handles,unique moulding details & expert craftsmanship make it a striking piece of furniture. The glass fronted doors open to reveal a set of practical shelves.

The brightly coloured sofa, Persian style carpet & the crystal chandelier adds a glamorous element to the room.

The study table is lacquered to perfection & strikes a balanced rectangular silhouette. Eye-catching carved detailing is featured in each of the four support pillars for an elegant finishing touch to this piece. The table design features an entrancing design for a luxurious vintage accent that is sure to turn heads. A perfect combination of beauty and practicality, this study table effortlessly completes the space.

Crockery Unit

In the passage area, the tall crockery unit in veneer & glass gives it a contemporary & classy feel. It’s designed in a way that the Sideboards give plenty of storage to exhibit your fine china & the open area at the centre of the cabinet can be used to exhibit decorative things.

Entrance Foyer

Bright foyer featuring a classy display of mirrors. The mirrors, black sculpture & red plants are just perfect with each other.

Contractors : Apex InD.


Area: 1400 sq.ft.

Year of Completion: Feb 2022

Location: Thane, Maharashtra.

Photography: Yadnyesh Joshi


Videography: Nihit Sharma


Styling: Spaces11

@spaces.eleven , triptiberariyaa