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4 BHK Maple Tree Interior Design By Prashant Parmar Architect | Ahmedabad, Gujarat

This is a 4 bedroom apartment withdrawing, living, kitchen, dining, and a beautiful balcony in the front. The client came to us with a desire to create a home with a modest and timeless interior. They wanted their residence to be very simple, modern, and maintenance-free.

The interiors follow a subtle color scheme, highlighting the luxurious grey Italian marble flooring, rich materials, and exquisite décor details. Unexpected touches like the exaggerated lights, brass artifacts, accents, and elusive patterns in the passage add surprise elements.

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One is welcomed by a refreshing garden balcony that keeps the apartment ventilated throughout the day. The garden entrance is creatively done, distinctive use of wood in flooring and ceiling with little green patch looks mesmerizing.

The balcony leads to a spacious drawing room which has a very airy vibe with large glazing on both sides. The highlight of the room is the white textured wall on the back of the sitting and a stone-textured MCM cladding TV wall. Texture creates a drama in the room with a bunch of brass artifacts, creating an essence of the cozy ambiance of the room.

The Italian leather material and color of the sofa furniture add luxury and comfort to the space. The drawing room leads to the living, dining, and puja area. Continuity in materiality and color selection is reflected from the drawing-room to every corner of the house. Every piece of furniture is treated as if it were a canvas or an artwork by embellishing it with details and accents.

Large windows infiltrate the entire living and dining area with beautiful natural light. The morning light in the dining is lovely and it turns into a cozy breakfast place for the family to hang out and make breakfast together.

The kitchen is compact. To make it look spacious, the muted color palette is used with a white Corian finish top for the platform and PU finish for the furniture that keeps the kitchen bright and natural.

The Dining top is gorgeous artificial white marble that adds up luxury to the space. A small corner is treated as a puja area with a holistic and divine wooden partition.

Soothing neutral tones for the couches with a white marble finish center table have been incorporated in the living room with complimenting shades of curtains.

The passage leading to all the bedrooms is a prominent feature of the apartment. It is an abstractillumined installation of reflection of light and material. The continuation of led profile light from ceiling to walls gives a playful effect with a sense of illusion.

Master Bedroom 1­­­–

The master bedroom exudes its style and young personality. The wall paneling behind the bed is reflected from the ceiling. This backdrop from the ceiling to the wall gives a minimalistic ambiance. Back-painted white glass with wooden touch in wardrobe and TV unit reflects the overall charisma of the room.

Master Bedroom 2 –

A gorgeous lidded wall with wooden plank texture as a backdrop for the bed and TV unit forms a luxurious background. Horizontal niche creatively breaks the solidity of the wall. The use of sage green and wooden blinds compliments the overall impact of the room.

Bedroom 3 –

The base of this room was to choose a tone that complements the occupant’s choice of keeping it simple and light. We chose a muted cream and grey color palette with tonal floral curtains.

Guest bedroom –

Guest Bedroom is rendered with an off-white color scheme with wooden highlights, inviting the east light, creating the room bright and young. A simple wooden framed niche behind the bed makes the bedroom simply elegant that presents a striking statement with golden accents.

Simplicity with modern luxury is an important part of our design process. Experimentation with the right stroke of simplistic design creates a beautiful and rhythmic substance inhabitable with comfort and luxury.

Project name: 4 BHK Maple Tree Interior Design

Project Location: Ahmedabad

Project size : 2370 Carpet Area

Firm name : Shayona Consultant

Principle Architect: Prashant Parmar Architect

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