3-BHK Sample House by Foresight Associates | Kalali-Vadodara

Not all home designs have to be user specific! Some designs are challenged and they ought to meet at least the regional like abilities. That’s the case when sample houses are involved. Alike other sample spaces, this spread of 1235 Sq. ft. at Vadodara had to be a deliverable for one and all visiting it. This is indeed a challenge in itself! The design firm, Foresight Associates, Vadodara had a restrictive time span of 60 days with a limited economical resources and they turned it into a beautiful neutrally toned elemental abode. (Click on > to view all the images and double click on the image to enlarge it. This may take some time to load)

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Foresight Associates conceptualised it as a neutral themed sober residence with minimalistic characteristics and same colour palette across the two storeys. To spice up this neutral, minimalistic, and simplified backdrop, comes in a dash of traditional-classic elements that work in enhancing the desired attributes and the spatial perceptions. Here, the house is thoughtfully defined by its elements and muted colours and theme. And the output- airy, spacious, and subdue; ornamented into a dreamy setup.

The living space is minimal and completed neutralised. A definite instinct to the space is added by the play of textures. The wooden flutings in white act as a backdrop while adding a vertical dimensionality to the space. Appealing colours and patterns are chosen for the sofa tapestries to add versatility and liveliness to the overall vibe. A decent floor rug and the tea-pois work in centralising the seating setup. The larger window in the space is addressed with a classically

designed console, again with pattern overlays and wood. The use of wood extends itself to take over the walls with its linear craftsmanship against the grey wall.

The master bedroom takes a neutral monotonal palette with earthy woody colours and textures. A rational play of textures and patterns remarkably take up the space. The wooden headboard extends itself to frame up the wall grasping in a beautiful traditional pattern in its outlook. The frame for the mirror against the one for the artwork are in resemblance for a conscious mirroring effect. Now, a dash of pastel teal work as a backdrop for all these elements in the rear wall. More of a texture play is added by the wooden louvring done over the cupboards, adding a peculiar vibrancy and boldness into the space. All these play of traditional elements intertwine into a classic-traditional fusion. Wooden frames and a classic console define the elementality for the longer wall. Again, these wooden textures stand out to be fluent with the desired spatial concept.

The children bedroom is chic, classic and full of uplifting vibes. Here is a major play with wooden beadings stationed to enhance the surfaces all over the space. What acts as a cynosure of attention is the play of wooden beadings set in a circular illusive manner against the pastel wall paint. It works in adding the desired elemental quality while fulfilling the space with exactly the right amount of intervention. The wooden furniture extends as the window seating creating a unified look. The vertical beading inlay recurs by the window seating and for the cupboards. The ceiling is left plain with lights in a grid for an even light distribution across the space. Hence, a cosy, well-lit, and a fluent setup apt for the sampling purpose.

It’s the energising teal that attribute the first impression for the guest bedroom. A classic style wooden headboard, drenching in a mesmerising teal against the polished wooden appearance works in defining the characteristics of the space. This same concept is worked out for the sliding cupboard doors as well. Here, though a major physical area is reserved for the wood, an equal visual weightage is held by the teal board. It’s the elements that beautifully weaves themselves with the simplicity of the space.

This sample house is thoroughly defined with a peculiar elemental qualities. Indeed, its elemental character has a dash of traditional classic constituent which are made to work with the neutral colour palette that is chosen for the house.

Project Name, Location – Kishan Signature, kalali-Vadodara

Typology and Square Footage – 3-BHK Sample House (G+1), 1,235 Square Feet Month and Year of Completion – March 2022

Design Firm – Foresight Associates


Client Name – Mr Dhaval Patel

Principal Designers – Shivali Agrawal, Kunal Patel, Azaz Saleh @shivali103, @azazsaleh

Text Credit – Megha Hirani

Photography Credit – Shubham Akolkar