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100 Villa By Anarchment | Buldhana, Maharashtra

Site Area: 1700sqft

Built-up Area: 3500 sqft

Firm name and Instagram ID: Anarchment, @anarchment_studio

Design Team: Amrita Parakh (amritaparakhpune), Nikunj Parakh (nikkunjparakh), Shardul Kanase, Vinit Deodar

Photography Credits: Vivekajeet Purohit ( vivekajeet )

100 Villa is designed by Anarchment, Pune.

The project is one of the recently added to their studio folio and successfully has been handed over to the client. " The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak".

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The same principle has been followed here while designing 100 villas. A beautiful house sets an example of well-designed architecture, embodied in the congested residential area of a small town Buldhana.

100 villa is built on a plot area of 1700sqft, having a road on two sides. It was challenging to accommodate all client's requirements in such a small plot but achieved successfully by exemplifying contemporary aesthetics and functionality to its full potential.

Interior description:

The entrance has wood and a grey tone to match the exterior and is used as a transition from exterior to interiors. The blocks were used to screen the parking and entry lobby.

When the whole house goes with grey shades, diving it the contemporary look, it was almost important to give attention to most senior dwellers of the house who is 100 year old and performing their daily routines independently. Here for her bedroom to bring colors a wallpaper from Krishna Mehta’s designs with a mix of Indian and western influences.

This wallpaper with floral motifs, lavish use of color, and patterns give a royal feel to the room.

To give the experience of both modern facilities and conserving tradition is a great job. To depict it with art here we have used arches which are the old form of architecture. This pointed arch wall creates a visual frame and keeps persons engage while passing through.

In the Living room, the arch has been used on the tv back with vertical bands to highlight the volume of double-height.

The partition with different geometric combinations with fluted glass creates screens between dining and kitchen areas. The dining area gets an amazing backdrop of dark grey color along with a mirror on it.

Minimal wall painting is the ideal way to turn a blank wall into an interesting walkway. Here we have used abstract art painting with pastel colors background with Minimalist geometric elements and hand-drawn line giving it a Mid-century Scandinavian Nordic style look.

As the house belongs to a joint family, The family quotes on the wall make the wall art more lively and personalized. Grey is undeniable the new neutral, the cool color that adds a sophisticated edge along with elegance.

Grey is best when teamed up with other shades of grey or a warmer color. The application of orange and cool grey in the living and dining area compliments the contemporary aesthetic.

The top floor consists of a Guest & family room opening towards the big terrace. The guest room has a low bed which is famously associated with Japanese design. This low-height bed makes a subtle but tasteful impression with a luxurious layering of dark grey and wooden finish combination. The toilet door of this room is a hidden door to give clean look to the dressing area...

The family looks forward to spending some good time at this thoughtfully done terrace, which consists of a swing and seating area with some greenery. Accommodating a brother and sister in one room can be challenging, so if separate rooms are not possible, we need to design a bedroom where both live amicably.

We need to fulfill specific and separate requirements for both of them with different perspectives and personalities. In this design, we have tried to find a comfortable color scheme where both kids have their room individuality.

The daughter is fond of badminton, hence her study desk includes a bat holder, also the study corner gives her a cozy feel and vision to fly high in the future. On the other side son is a school-going guy who loves playing video games, and hence the wallpaper.

Their room also has an extra study table for friends coming over. The room is attached with a balcony having a coffee table where kids can spend time with books.

The master bedroom gets its sense of relaxation with the smart use of peacock blue color with some texture.

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