Project Earth, by Simplécede Pvt Ltd

Updated: Jun 22

This 1800SqFt Home Project is a perfect blend of modern-contemporary and classical elements exuding a very pleasant earthy feeling in every nook and corner of the home.

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Living Space offers many surprises as one enters, with tucked-in dining on the left and an amazing stretch of lake view in the front. But the main highlight of this space is the long wall on the right, with 3 subtle niches

  1. A traditional Gujrati art ‘Mata ni Pachedii’ painting with a bench next to it makes for the first niche. Almost giving an impression of an artist sitting in a garden imagining his/her next muse.

  2. Second is a low depth ladder shelf. It is an element on its own yet interconnects the two either side niches together seamlessly.

  3. Third is a wall mounted TV unit with a very sleek tall Puja unit in fluted glass shutter.

All these niches are tied together with our signature ledge on top, making for a neat panoramic frame.

One is spoilt for choice on views in this living, but to truly enjoy any or all of them is by relaxing on comfy sofa which has been designed after a great deal of thought.

With minimal and yet so much to view, The TV here is just for display:)

On the other side of the living adorns two display ladder unit, especially designed, so our client can experiment with her Artefact curations. Some classic, some quirky, from modern clay men to a retro transistor, she places her collection, in no particular yet in very order. Her keen eye for such a collection will only add value to the unit as time goes by. A true example of something getting better with age.

If a bird of paradise ever flew into this home, it would instinctively know where to flaunt its plumage. ‘The Master-bedroom.

It is an exclusive impression in this home exuding a classical feel within the contemporary elements of clean-straight lines. A specially designed poster bed with rattan head-board and two-rustic pendant lights, complimented by our client’s tasteful art collection transports one to someplace else. Our quintessential wooden ledge across the room criss-crosses the bed’s column and tester here and there. They meet, they greet and then depart… only to meet again. They blossom in their own little romance, making for many linear poetic frames…!


The dining room truly embodies this project’s name. With skilfully done wire cut wall as the main feature & a few teak finished wooden slats set beside a tastefully selected dining table, this space couldn't have been more earthier than this. Any meal here is as sumptuous as it can get!


If dining is an epitome of rustic finesse, kitchen is as contemporary as it can be. Having monochrome hues of laminates and Quartz as counter and dado with a dash of veneer ledges, who would want to make this clean and seamless kitchen messy?.

A few personalised pieces of display and some lovely selected fixtures makes this home truly special. All we can say is that-’With great taste comes a Great Home!’